Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Route 66 Girl

Sorry kids, I've been a little busy, and somewhat scatterbrained as of late. A while back I was working on this really cool illustration of a cute little hitchhiker gal with a desert background, kind of a Route 66 feel to it. Well, fortunately I saved the girl as a separate file, because shortly after that, my computer took an enormous poop. The nearly completed illustration was lost for ever, as was my desire to create it (or re-create it). So after I got the computer fixed, I came up with this version. This was actually published last year in an online magazine called Off Beat Pulp (issue #1). Now that I think of it, my "All Aces" pinup girl was published in the same issue as well.

Okay, cheers for now, and I'll try to keep up on posting a little better. Oh, and I will be doing the grand opening/official introduction post soon, also.

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