Monday, May 11, 2009

Road Trip—Guess Where?

Seascape: Walnut Ink.

Beach Cabin: From Sketchbook.

Stubby Lighthouse: Walnut Ink

Hey Kids! If you guessed the Oregon Coast—sometimes called the Pacific Wonderland, you are 100% correct. Yup! Me and my gal, Ace, are heading for the Oregon Coast today so these images might look familiar to you, it's because they are all reposts, a first here at Walk on the Wiles Side, by the way. This will be something of a working road trip: gonna do some sketches, get some reference photos, do some research & get some inspiration, as well as scout for venues to carry my T-shirts, but it's not all work, I fully plan on eating way too much and lounging a bit, but most importantly, hanging out with my gal. Anyway, we'll be back soon and I should have stories, sketches, and maybe even some exciting news. Have a great week.


Monday, May 4, 2009

DeLuxe Retro Motel

DeLuxe Retro Motel; sketchbook

This one comes under the heading of: germ of an idea. In other words this is the nucleus of a possibility, it may or may not become something substantial, but only time will tell. This is not a motel that exits, at least not to my knowledge. Although if it were an actual motel it would be on the beach at the Oregon Coast. As a point of interest, it looks like there might be a destruction derby underway in the parking lot, car A appears to be hurtling towards car B at a breakneck pace going in for the kill. But this is just over exuberance on the undershading—which is kind of like the drawing version of underpants, but not really. And yes, if this were an actual drawing and not a page from my sketchbook, I probably would have fixed it, or worst case scenario, done it over entirely.