Monday, July 27, 2009

A Little Asian Fashion

I don't really have any true fetishes, however, I do have tons of—for lack of a better word—obsessions. They seem to rotate, and some even get abandoned altogether, such as the one for garter belts. Yet, the one for corsets remains. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to them, and I've actually stopped questioning them; I just go with it. They also seem to fall into two categories; Main Obsessions and Sub-Obsessions. One of my most long standing sub-obsessions, from the exotic fashion main obsession if you're wondering, is for the high necked Asian style dress. Oh, chopsticks in the hair are pretty nifty, too, although I guess that would be a sub-sub-obsession. Anyway, that's where this one came from.

Hmmm. And now that I'm looking at it on screen, I see that I made the *boob-line a bit wonky. Oh well, that's why they're called sketches.


*Yes, incidentally that is my own word, but feel free to use it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Couple of Dorky Fellas

For lack of a better title I call this one Happy Guy. I know what you're thinking, Hey Bob-O, what a profoundly unique title. Way to stretch that creative muscle. Woo-Hoo! Well, I'll tell you, its late and I'm tired. But there are some interesting things coming down the pike at the almighty Walk on the Wild Side, and I don't mean just your average run-of-the-mill pencil farts, this might really be something, just a little more flavor. Sadly, that's all I'm at liberty to tell you right now, but in the spirit of the excitement check out this second sketch called, Astonished! How do you like them apples?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Topless in Jeans

Just a slightly chubby topless tattooed punkabilly chick, for no particular reason other than I think she's cute, and I'm fairly pleased with the way it came out. Incidentally, I seem to be back to my old pencil sluttish ways. My current pencil-tart of choice is a standard Prismicolor colored pencil; the official color is True Blue, if you're wondering. Actually, the color is True Blue whether you are wondering or not. Anyway, I really like the way it mimics the non-photo blue pencils of old, and yes, I know non-repro blue pencils are still used today, but with digital inking become more the standard it is increasingly rare.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Post # 75: The Big Beer Baby

As I mentioned not too long ago, I have been going through some old files and whatnot, and came across this colored pencil sketch. I'm really not sure how to categorize this one, it is either the beginning of the end, or the end that became the new beginning. Sounds a bit complicated, doesn't it? Well, basically a few years ago I was working in a quiet family oriented brew pub, which was kind of like a restaurant that focused on hand crafted ales. On one particular evening I cut a friend off and pulled his beer, because he had had way too much to drink. He was getting loud and belligerent and was dropping F-bombs left & right. Evidently, cutting The Beer Baby off and pulling his beer gave him full license to throw an incredibly childish temper tantrum, which was then followed by a shockingly bad display of poor management skills on the part of the manager on duty that night. Later, when informed of the situation, the actual pub manager's apathetic, feeble response told me it was time to get out of the restaurant business and follow my artistic dreams. It has not been an easy path, and I've made mistakes along the way, but I have no doubt that I am better off now, than if I would have stayed. I also know that I'm going to be okay, and that I'll make it.

Oh, back to the sketch, it was well over a year after the fact that I heard through the grapevine that he was still threatening to get me back. So, in honor of his profound douchebaggery, this is a sketch I did of The Big Beer Baby shortly after the incident. I also have a couple I did of the manager on duty, but for legal reasons I don't think I should post them.


Friday, July 3, 2009

More Poop Greeting Cards!

As you may have guessed, I've been going through some old files as of late. I never realized how many poop related greeting cards I've done over the years. This is one I did for my friend, Pea, for her birthday also in 2006. The thing about sending Pea cards, is that it is nearly impossible to offend her. Seriously, I have sent images of masturbating clowns (with two penises), anthropomorphic vulvae, and a number of things in that vein, which I can't recall at the moment, but the point is that none of it phased her.

Anyway, this is her dog, Klaus, he's a tea cup dachshund, and he loves to eat cat poop. He's also extremely vindictive, and if you dress him up in, oh, say a Santa outfit for Christmas, he will urinate on your feet—twice! Anyway, the small one is just a stand alone of Klaus with a big ol' turd in his mouth, which I believe was on the back of the card, and the bigger one below is the actual front of the card. I'm afraid my lettering was pretty crappy on that particular day. It reads: . . . and upon waking from his mid-morning nap, Klaus was delighted to discover that the "Kitty-Roca Fairy" had once agin paid a magical visit, [Note: I should have left it off at this point] leaving behind the most delectable treats. Oh, and his thought balloon reads: Oh Boy! They're Still Warm!

Have a safe & sane 4th of July.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dog Poop Flamingo

I feel like a butthole for not posting much lately, but I have been really busy. Nevertheless, here is an old birthday card I did for my older sister back in '06. Kind of an off the wall kind of card; if you can't read it, it says: What Do Birthdays And A Flamingo Stepping In Dog Poop Have In Common? As I recall, the inside read something like: Nothing At All, But It sure Makes for An Amusing Visual. Incidentally, my sister has a thing for flamingos, not necessarily dog poop.