Monday, August 31, 2009

Sketch Dump! Part Deux

Holy Smacks! I've been awfully busy, and I'm worn to a frazzle so it's just a quick sketch dump for now, I'll try to add more comments later. In the meantime, have a great week.



Thursday, August 27, 2009

25 Years Ago Today!

Yeah, I know this is about the third time I've posted this image here, but there is a reason. The lighthouse is a kind of symbol for me, its  somewhat off-kilter and a weathered through tough times, but its still standing, holding its own and doing what it's supposed to do. Kind of like me. It's hard to believe, because it seems like both a million years ago, and just the other day that I gave up drugs and for the most part, alcohol. To clarify, I didn't give up alcohol completely, but one or two drinks a year is what I would call pretty well controlled. However, no marijuana, or cocaine in 25 years, now that's saying something. Not only that, I'm nearing 5 months without cigarettes, which is something I never thought would happen—ever! So, there you have it, 25 years drug free, and still doing okay.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sketch Dump!

Holy Smacks! It seems like eons since my last post, which is probably bad form for a blogger, but I do have a good reason; I've been slaving away on new projects, and a couple of commissions. So, how do you like them apples?

Anyway, this is my first official Sketch Dump, and I've got a whole mess of piping hot sketches straight from the sketchbook. As I've mentioned before, sometimes after scanning my sketches I go into Photoshop and clean up some of the stray lines and overlapping doodles, but not this time. You could call these sketches in the raw, because they truly are in their naked state, which kind of goes with the theme, since some of these sketches are of the racy persuasion. I may or may not get more posted later in the week, so no promises, but either way have a great week.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Super Gal

This started off as kind of a joke between me and my gal, Ace. Rather a long story, but we were bantering back and forth over who was going to Google something. She wanted me to do it, and started calling me Google Boy (and made up a little theme song for me as well), and I in turn told her to do it herself, and dubbed her Goggle Girl and even gave her full rights to use my new theme song. Anyway, at the same time I was thinking about creating a Google Girl mascot, she asked if I was going to draw her a Google Girl. Well, of course, Google is trademarked, and I have no desire whatsoever for any kind of legal hassles so for now this character will be known as Super Gal, until I get something better worked out. Oh, and if you're wondering, she finally looked it up herself, but she used, instead of Google, probably just to be contrary.

This is just a sketch featuring my new favorite mix of blue & black colored pencils. It's a bit off and somewhat wonky in places, and she even has an extra leg, but overall I'm pleased with it. Oh, and my UPS is being a pain in the ass tonight, to the point that I probably will have to replace it, so I didn't bother to scan the other part of the retro shape dealio.