A Walk on the Wiles Side originated as my sketch-blog, and for the most part it still is. However, I have recently started to expand the content a bit by adding posts featuring other elements. Of course, I strive for the majority to be from the pages of my sketchbooks, but you also might just find things that either  influence or inspire my art: sometimes a video clip, a vintage cartoon, either animated or static, or a link to a batch of photos from a 1950's nudist colony.  Perhaps you'll find a collection of photos of old matchbooks or Mid-century cocktail napkins that I've found while wandering through the pixel-fields of Flickr, or a sampling of paintings by an old master—why someday I may even feature a contemporary artist.  So stick around, or at least come back often, you never know what you may find here on A Walk on the Wiles Side.