Wednesday, October 29, 2008

StaggerSkull: A Couple of Older T-shirt Designs

As I mentioned the other day, I've been a bit busy, so a couple more from the archives. These are variations on a T-shirt design called StaggerSkull, which I did . . . Hmmm. I'm not quite sure when, but it has been a while. All done in Illustrator (skull from Go Media vector pack).

The standard version in Red.

The ladies version (suggested by my friend, Precious).

Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy With New T-shirt Designs

As of late I've been busy on new T-shirt designs for an online T-shirt shop I will be opening soon, so I dug into the archives and found this one I did of a topless, big hipped gal with a tattoo. Prismacolor markers & Ink on pastel paper.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Murder of Crows: Real Band or Not?

Not! Nope, these are not real bands, nor does the venue exist, oh but imagine if they did. When I was a server, my fellow pubsters and I would often make up band names to keep things lighthearted while the pub went into absolute bedlam. I still make up band names from time to time, and the result is that I often find myself with a head full of fake band names, which leaves precious little room for important things, such as obsolete cocktail recipes (ever heard of a Bronx?) and ribald limericks. What to do? The obvious answer was to create this promotional flyer, if for no other reason, than to make a little more room in my brain for important nonsense. All done in Illustrator CS.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stubby Lighthouse

This one captures all the rustic, dilapidated charm of the beach trips to the Oregon Coast I remember as a kid. It evokes the smell of damp smoke (from both bonfires and fireplaces) in the salty air, which is one of my fondest childhood memories. Pretty short for a lighthouse, but I'm quite pleased with it just the same. Hmmm. I might just have to revisit this one. Walnut ink & brush and pen on watercolor paper.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Three Lopsided Skulls

More pre-Halloween fun. Yes, they really are a bit lopsided, but this is after all, only a sketch. Besides, it gives them more character, and furthermore, I'm rather pleased with it. Hmmm. That sounds a little defensive doesn't it? Nevertheless, someday you might find a refined version of this on a T-shirt. Walnut ink & brush and pen on watercolor paper.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Polka Dot Panties

Here's a little pinup sketch featuring polka dot panties. Walnut ink & brush, and pen on watercolor paper.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lovesick Clam

Here is a cute little clam all lovesick and silly. Went to the beach a few weeks ago with my girl, Ace, so I've kind of been on a beach kick lately. Kind of reminiscent of the billboards I used to see along Highways 18 and 101 on the beach trips of my youth. Colored pencil on the back side of pastel paper, less tooth that way.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Skull & Chain

Lots of stuff going on here, so I'll be a man of few words for awhile, but by golly kids sure looks like its that time of year again. Halloween is only a few weeks away, so here is a skully sketch (with a floating wonky chain) to put you in the mood. Walnut ink (really made from walnut shells) & brush, pen, China White pencil on watercolor paper.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hot New Blog Coming Soon!

Hey Kids! I'm just here to tell you about my hot new blog coming soon. Actually its more of a web page disguised as a blog, or maybe its a blog disguised as a web page, its just be too soon to tell. Anyway, if you're looking for my T-shirts, or custom services such as art, T-shirt design or cartoons (and more) this will be the place. Technically it is there now, but I haven't even posted on it yet, so there is really no point in linking to it. Just wanted to give you a heads up.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yet Another New Logo

I really do like my previous logo, but I don't think it represented me and my style completely. It was strong, and very retro, but for me and my style, just a bit too clean. I think that's one of the curses of being a creative, you're just never satisfied with your own work for very long, a little over a month in this case.

So, I jumped back to the drawing board (computer actually) and came up with this one. Its intentionally lopsided a bit, I imagine you could say: more playful. Recently I went to the Oregon Coast with my Girl, Ace, which very well may have inspired me on this new approach. It better brings to mind images of the Historic 101, Route 66, and the Super 99 Highways. I'm really pleased with the retro color scheme too, and someday I think it will look great printed on a T-shirt. This one is a keeper. If you're wondering about the font, it is Square Meal Hearty from the folks at Font Diner.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Pot Roast Guy: Ice Cream Stripes

This is one of my humorous illustrations done in my neo-retro style. Sometimes things are really funny at 4 am, and as I recall that is where this one originated. I wouldn't really call it a cartoon, but the idea was that he would be saying something along the lines of: Oh my stars! My pot roast! When I got the illustration done though, I decided to let it stand on its own, but I still like the name: Pot Roast Guy. So, here he is with a nice striped vintage background reminiscent of Neapolitan ice cream, well except for the teal stripe. He does look quite startled, kind of like the universal look on someone's face who has been walked in on, while they were sitting on the toilet. I'm just saying.

Friday, October 3, 2008

SplitSkull: Spade T-shirt Design

What we have here kids is a one color T-shirt design. I don't know if this one will ever actually go to print or not. I t doesn't mean there is anything wrong with the design, its just that I think I'll be going in a different direction for my first round of T-shirt designs (more in the humorous neo-retro vein). The skull came from the Go Media Vector Pack # 5 (I think), everything else was me. The original version was red and black, and I may just go back to that, but this represents the image quite well.

Speaking of T-shirts, I've been looking into starting an Etsy store, and it looks like a go, so as soon as that's finalized, I'll be updating that info here.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lots of New Stuff to Come

Well kids it has been quite a while since my last post, but I have been as busy as the proverbial bee trying to get things lined up and so forth. I probably started this blog a little early, and really should have had all this stuff done first. Nevertheless, we have a new month, and I'm hoping to post regularly now.

This is one of my newest illustrations called: Coffee Doofus. This is an example of my neo-retro cartoon style. Some implied scatology, but not overly crude; when you drink to much coffee, it can make you have to go all of a sudden. Still, it seems harmless enough, and somewhat amusing. I'm quite pleased with it overall. Inked and colored in Illustrator.