Monday, May 11, 2009

Road Trip—Guess Where?

Seascape: Walnut Ink.

Beach Cabin: From Sketchbook.

Stubby Lighthouse: Walnut Ink

Hey Kids! If you guessed the Oregon Coast—sometimes called the Pacific Wonderland, you are 100% correct. Yup! Me and my gal, Ace, are heading for the Oregon Coast today so these images might look familiar to you, it's because they are all reposts, a first here at Walk on the Wiles Side, by the way. This will be something of a working road trip: gonna do some sketches, get some reference photos, do some research & get some inspiration, as well as scout for venues to carry my T-shirts, but it's not all work, I fully plan on eating way too much and lounging a bit, but most importantly, hanging out with my gal. Anyway, we'll be back soon and I should have stories, sketches, and maybe even some exciting news. Have a great week.



Katie said...

Aww...I have a soft spot for drawings of cabins and shacks and such. I love this kind of thing but can't draw them at all. Lovely job!

Robert said...

Thank you kindly, Ms. Katie.