Monday, June 7, 2010

Sketches: Character Studies

I've been working on some character sketches of myself for an informational project, basically, I'm going to be using sequential art (comic book format) in a series of essays on my Vintage 66 Graphics Blog, about the basics of  graphics and will be geared for the small business owner. The goal is to keep it really simple and entertaining, but at the same time passing along some useful information. I think it's important to keep the graphics simple in this project, because I don't want them to overshadow the information. I still haven't found the final charcter, but here are some sketches that I have worked out so far. I may end up using an animal of some kind rather than myself, but we'll see. I know the last one isn't going to work, I've only seen one full episode of Star Trek, but still I know what happens to red shirts.


Eugenio Enrique said...

Hey guy! that are you!haha:D

Robert said...

Ha-ha! Yeah, Eugenio, that's me on a good day. ;)