Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shaking Things Up

I've been thinking some things over lately, and I believe the time has come to shake some things up here at A Walk on the Wiles Side. This began as my sketch blog, but more and more I'm realizing that there are so many other elements that influence and contribute to my art. Music is certainly a big one, and so is literature, but even other artists, both past and present leave their mark. It's really just a big distillation process. So, I want to try an experiment and expand things here a bit to include some of those influences. 

Way back in 1977, before my girlfriend was even born, I went to my first rock concert, which featured KISS with Cheap Trick opening. I was eleven years old, and it truly changed my life forever. It opened up a whole new world of passion and excitement and the thrill of live rock-n-roll. Anyway, I stumbled across this clip of them performing one of their classic tunes with their current lineup. It's good to see that more than thirty years later they've still got it. 

[And yes, I do realize that the video box has crossed over into my sidebar, but that is something I'll need to figure out a little later].

Watch KISS playing Black Diamond (with a cool Whole Lotta Love interlude) live in Budapest

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