Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Lost Restaurant Sketches

Last week I did a post about an old billboard for the Pixie Kitchen Restaurant, so I thought I'd post a little sketch of the actual building. This is from an older photograph, and I believe that this was how the building looked originally. There was a later addition, which pretty much doubled the floor space.

The Castle Restaurant was a roadhouse and quite a hot spot for jazz back in the day. It was located in Gladstone on River Road just off the Super 99 Highway. Someday I'll be posting a more in depth post about it, but quickly I'll mention that it was one of the neatest buildings ever, basically a mini castle, and as I recall it started off as a lapidary shop. It fell into disrepair and was torn down a few years ago to make way for some god-awful crap homes.

*Note: Been having trouble getting Blogger to work correctly, so the right edges of the images are cut off. If I make them smaller to fit better some of the text goes all wonky. I think I would give my left nut for something to work the way it is supposed to. Just kidding—about the nut, I mean.

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