Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year! (part II)

I have to be honest, 2008 for the most part, was a year of disappointment, frustration and disillusionment. Mistakes and miscalculations were made. I just read a quote on MySpace (but I can't remember who's profile it was, so I can't credit them). I don't remember the exact wording, but the gist of it was: Failure gives you the opportunity to do something over, but with new insight. Along the same lines, my friend, Pete (he's 91, incidentally) often says: I've never learned anything from my successes, only from my my failures. Fortunately 2009 is a brand new year, full of hope and promise (despite all the horrible shit going on in the world). It is time to take stock, and figure out the few things that have worked, and the many that haven't (and why), time to rework the plan and realign the hopes & dreams. Its time to put all this new, painfully gained knowledge to work. I'm looking forward to an exciting new year, with new art, new projects, and new successes, even at the expense of less knowledge.


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