Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Real Post #99: Octopus Barista

Jumping Jehoshaphat! I've been sitting on this one for quite awhile. I was looking through some piles of loose sketches and what not, when lo and behold I found this one. It's dated 2007, and I don't recall why I never posted it. I probably wasn't pleased with it at the time. There really isn't a deep story behind the inspiration, but I think it was simply an image that came into my head one day in a super busy coffee shop.

Just a reminder that this will be the last post before the big ol' milestone 100th post. I've got a couple of projects going right now, so it may take a while, because the idea I have in mind for it will be a lot more involved than a typical post. I'm just sayin'.

See you soon.


Eugenio Enrique said...

Haha, funny design, great idea!

Robert said...

Thanks, Eugenio, glad you like it.

Sjan W said...

Cool blog, very nice styling :)

Robert said...

Thank you, Sjan. I see you are an artist as well, really nice work.