Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Post # 100? . . . Not so fast, Monty!

Jeepers! Here I was all set to celebrate my 100th blog post on A Walk on the Wiles Side, but fortunately I decided to double check my math, in other words, I seem to be a few posts short. The funny thing about Blogger is that it counts the drafts as actual posts, even though they have ever been published. I'm actually okay with this situation because it offers me a chance to do something spectacular in the near future, although I'm not ready to divulge the details yet. Incidentally, I have a couple of projects to get done this week, and my motto is: Paying gigs come first. In the meantime this is the old version of the 100th post, but it is actually only post #98, so it kind of loses its luster. Anyway, I'll see you soon for the real post #100.



Eugenio Enrique said...

Very nice art, and cool news! success for you!!:D

Robert said...

Gracias, Eugenio, success to you as well, sir.