Monday, November 3, 2008

The Profile Project

This was my submission for the 2008 Myspace Profile Project, I don't know that it was officially sanctioned by the MS folks, but my friend Salana put this project together. The idea was that interested artists would all sign up, and then we would each be assigned another participant's profile. We would then do a portrait of our assigned artist, based solely on their artistic style. A really cool idea, and the artist I was assigned was a gal from Spain. Her entire page is in Spanish, and since I don't know much of the language, it forced me to rely only on her art. It was a lot of fun to do, but sadly it didn't pan out as we had hoped, since many of the participants had to drop out out the last minute. I told Salana not to feel bad, and that trying to get all those creatives from all over the world organized and on deadline, would be very much like herding cats. In other words, nigh on impossible, because as most would agree, creatives thrive on "organized" chaos. Nevertheless, I now have a new portfolio piece that I'm quite pleased with. Illustrator CS

*Update: My gosh looks like I need to resize the full size image, it is huge. I'll do it soon.

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