Monday, November 24, 2008

Beacons: Unfinished Splash Page

Hey Kids, sorry for the missed posts, I've been busy with T-shirts lately, so haven't posted like I should, but I'm trying to beat the holiday deadline. Anyway, this is something from 2005, its the splash page for a graphic essay (an essay in comic book form) which I never finished. The title is Beacons, and it was to be about depression and hope, but I never got around to finishing it, although it may happen someday. Just for the record, the image in the bottom right corner, is actually a photograph that I took of the spiral stairway at the Yaquina Head Lighthouse in Newport Oregon. Hmm, the more I look at this, the more I would like to return to this project, although I would need to start over completely, if for no other reason than my skills have improved since I first started.

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