Monday, January 25, 2010

Post #97: Just Playing with Colors and Whatnot.

Hey kids! Don't be alarmed, I'm just playing around with some colors and the header banner, because I want to make some changes for the new year, and also to celebrate my 100th blog post here on A Walk On The Wiles Side. So check back soon for that, only 3 more to go.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Blonde in White Knickers

This is just something that ran through my head the other day and I managed to capture her on paper. It's a cute little blonde in white frilly briefs and a skull T-shirt. I've included the initial rough sketch, and a more refined ink and marker rendition. At some point I may do a polished, digital version, or I may just leave her as is.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Funny Stuff : Free Mattress

I apologize for the lack of posts lately, with the holidays and whatnot I've just had too many things going at once. Anyway, I've started walking for at least a half hour every single day this year (although I did miss last Friday to be honest). Nevertheless, a couple of streets over I found the inspiration for today's sketch: a lumpy, mismatched, piss-stained mattress and box springs "set" that someone had put in front of their house with a hand lettered FREE sign on it. When I first noticed this astounding treasure, we had been having somewhat of a dry patch, but it began to rain shortly after, and now it has been thoroughly soaked with rain, although I would imagine it has diluted the urine a bit. I was just by there this evening, and someone has flipped it over now, so that it just lies in the parking area in front of the house. I'll keep you posted on how long before someone hauls it off, or maybe it will just rot in place.

* Update February 24, 2010
I walked by earlier this afternoon and noticed that the set is now gone without a trace. At one point several weeks ago someone had propped them back up to their original position, although the sign had been removed (but I'm sure you could have haggled for it). Of course, it's too late now, you missed your chance. I don't have an exact time lapse but I would say it sat out for about 7 -8 weeks at least.