Monday, June 15, 2009

Chad the Gall Bladder

Happy Monday! A friend of mine has been having gall bladder problems as of late, and in fact, she is supposed to be having it removed sometime soon. She has even named her internal nemesis Chad. I don't know why. Nevertheless, this is the get-well card I made for her, but don't tell her, because I haven't sent it yet, and I would like it to be a surprise. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. Chad just seems like the ne'er-do-well brother-in-law type, you know, the guy who despite contributing absolutely nothing would not think twice about taking the last donut in the box. Anthropomorphism (giving human characteristics to non-human creatures or objects) seems to be one of my strong points, at least it does lately. Just imagine if she were having a labioplasty or something done. As for the card itself, well, you can see, the outside of the card reads: Suddenly, Chad realized—. If you're wondering, the inside reads: he was no longer welcome. I don't know if there is a market for this specific of a get-well card, but I might just look into it.

Oh, and yes, I realize an actual gall bladder would be a much darker green, but it didn't lend itself to marker rendering. Call it artistic license.


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