Monday, April 27, 2009

More Skulls, a Naked Hipster Chick & Some Whatnots

Skull Profile, Perplexed Girl
& Naked Hipster Chick

Maudlin Old Fart, 3 Skulls, a Pinup Pose,
a Butterfly & Part of a Frog Foot

I seem to be going through a new skull style phase, and I must say that I really like it. There should be some new shirt designs featuring this new style up at my almighty Zazzle shop soon. The only other thing in this set of sketchiness that requires special attention is the naked hipster chick—ya' know what? I've changed my mind, there really isn't much to say, she's naked and she's a hipster chick, pretty cut and dried. *Hint: you can tell she's a hipster chick because of the cool retro glasses she is wearing.



Eugenio Enrique said...

Cool! you have great grace and ease in your drawings Robert!

Robert said...

Thanks, Eugenio.